BILMER’s purpose as a company and the first priority for every employee is to serve with the highest standard of service and reach full customer satisfaction. BILMER while performing its activities at the highest level of quality aims without exception to protect employees’ health and safety, to continuous improvement of the working environment, as well as to protect the natural environment by increasing the negative impacts as much as possible. In this respect, to provide a safe work environment and protect our employee’s  physical and social health, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards according to the requirements of a written “Integrated Management System” has created and operates.

Located in the area of ​​responsibility in all areas of our organization, we are committed to implement the following principles;

• To ensure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement with the effectiveness of the system to sustain operations, with fulfilling the requirements of the Integrated Management System,

• To determine objectives and programs to achieve BILMER’s  goals and objectives and provide needed support and reserves with the management support needed

• To fulfil all the requirement of legislations and company contracts without any exceptions,

•To create employee awareness, with the necessary education to inform about the dangers they may encounter and the granting of environmental awareness. In this context, to ensure continuous improvement of the Quality, Environment and OHS systems with the preventing and correcting activities of the Integrated Management System,

• To ensure the elimination of OH & S risks with the prevention of accidents, to provide all the employees with necessary personal protective equipment and create awareness to use them, to report all accidents,

• To use natural resources as effective as possible in order to protect the environment,

• To promote cooperation with all parties on Environmental and OHS issues of all kinds, to exchange information in this sense,

• To keep both natural and work environments in front by creating new businesses and new investments.

Serhat Cenk BALÇIK

General Manager